HP LaserJet 3030 All in One Printer - Using fax forwarding

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Using fax forwarding

You can set your device to forward incoming faxes to another fax number. When the fax

arrives at your device, it is stored in the memory. The device then dials the fax number that

you have specified and sends the fax. If the device cannot forward a fax because of an error

(for example, the number is busy) and repeated redial attempts are unsuccessful, your

device prints the fax.
If the device runs out of memory while receiving a fax, it terminates the incoming fax and

only forwards the pages and partial pages that have been stored in the memory.
When it is using the fax-forwarding feature, the device (rather than the computer) must be

receiving the faxes, and the answer mode must be set to Automatic (see

Setting the answer