HP LaserJet 3030 All in One Printer - Is your fax set up correctly?

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Is your fax set up correctly?

Use the following checklist to help you define what is causing any faxing problems you

might be encountering.

Are you using the fax cord that was supplied with the device? This device has been

tested with the supplied fax cord and was proven to meet device specifications. If you

are not using the supplied fax cord, reinstall it.

Is the fax cord installed in the correct port on the device? It should be plugged into the
"line" port (the port that is marked with a

(HP LaserJet 3015 all-in-one or HP

LaserJet 3030 all-in-one) or with an "L" (HP LaserJet 3380 all-in-one)). See


the device to a telephone line

for details.

Is the fax cord seated in the port on the device? Disconnect and reconnect the fax

cord to make sure that it is well seated in the correct port.

Is the telephone jack working properly? Verify that a dial tone exists by attaching a

telephone to the jack on the wall. Can you hear a dial tone and can you make a

telephone call?