HP LaserJet 3030 All in One Printer - Faxing (basic)

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Faxing (basic)

This chapter describes some of the basic faxing features that are available on the HP

LaserJet all-in-one. A number of faxing features can be completed through the Toolbox

software as well. For information about the Toolbox, see the electronic User Guide.

● Loading originals to fax
● Sending faxes
● Using manual dial
● Redialing manually
● Canceling a fax job
● Sending faxes by using the software
● Changing the default contrast setting
● Changing the default resolution setting
● Changing the default glass-size setting
● Selecting tone-dialing or pulse-dialing mode
● Changing the redial settings
● Receiving faxes
● Receiving faxes to your computer
● Setting the answer mode
● Changing ring patterns for call answering
● Changing the rings-to-answer setting
● Changing autoreduction settings for incoming faxes
● Blocking or unblocking fax numbers
● Changing the sound-volume settings