HP LaserJet 3030 All in One Printer - Faxing (advanced)

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Faxing (advanced)

This chapter describes advanced faxing features available with your HP LaserJet all-in-one.

Many of these functions also can be performed with the Toolbox software. For more

information about the Toolbox, see the electronic User Guide.

● About speed-dial entries, one-touch keys, and group-dial entries
● Using dialing characters
● Inserting a dial prefix
● Sending a delayed fax
● Sending a fax by dialing from a telephone
● Changing the detect-dial-tone setting
● Using billing codes
● Reprinting a fax
● Deleting faxes from memory
● Using fax forwarding
● Making an extension telephone available to receive faxes
● Using fax polling
● Changing the silence-detect mode
● Creating stamp-received faxes
● Setting the fax-error-correction mode
● Changing the V.34 setting