HP LaserJet 3030 All in One Printer - Is the text garbled, incorrect, or incomplete?

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Is the text garbled, incorrect, or incomplete?

To verify that the device is functioning, print a configuration page. See

Printing a configuration


for instructions. If the configuration page prints successfully, try the following remedies:

Disconnect the cable and reconnect it at both ends.

Try printing a job that has printed correctly in the past.

If possible, attach the cable and device to another computer, and then try printing a job
that you know has printed correctly.

Try using a new IEEE 1284-B-compliant parallel or USB Device Cable (A/B). See


hp parts and accessories

for information.

The wrong printer driver might have been selected when the device software was
installed. Make sure that the device is selected in the device properties.

The software program might be experiencing a problem. Try printing from another
software program.