HP LaserJet 3030 All in One Printer - Common scanning error messages

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Common scanning error messages

The most common scanning error messages include the following items:

Unable to activate TWAIN source

An error occurred while acquiring the image

Scanner initiation failed

Error communicating with scanner

Make sure that you have connected the USB Device Cable (A/B) or IEEE 1284-B-compliant
parallel cable to the correct port on the back of your computer. If you have another port, try
attaching the cable to the other port. Make sure that you have an EPP-(bidirectional) or ECP-
compliant parallel port on your computer. An EPP parallel port is the minimum requirement;
use of an ECP parallel port is strongly recommended. See the documentation that came with
your computer for more information about your port.

Some devices might not share the parallel port with the device. If you have an external hard
drive, or you have a network switchbox connected to the same USB or parallel port as the
device, the other device might be interfering. To connect and use the device, you must
disconnect the other device or you must use two ports on the computer. You might need to
add another parallel interface card. Hewlett-Packard strongly recommends that you use an
ECP parallel interface card. See the documentation that came with your computer for more
information about installing an additional parallel interface card or resolving device conflicts.

Verify that the correct TWAIN source is selected. In the software, check the TWAIN source by
selecting Select Scanner from the File menu.


Error messages appear