HP LaserJet 3030 All in One Printer - To obtain hardware service

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To obtain hardware service

If your hardware should fail during the warranty period, HP offers the following support

HP repair services. You can return the device to an HP repair center, depending on your

Express Exchange. In some places, HP provides a reconditioned permanent
replacement device to you on the next working day.

HP authorized service provider. You can return the unit to a local authorized service

Express pick-up and delivery. HP will arrange to pick up the device, repair it, and return
it to you within 5 to 10 days, depending on your location.

Returning the unit

When shipping equipment, HP recommends insuring it. Also, include a copy of your proof of
purchase. Please also fill out the

Service information form

to ensure the most accurate



Shipping damage resulting from inadequate packaging is the customer’s responsibility. See
Repackaging guidelines below.

Repackaging guidelines

If possible, print a self-test page (see

Printing a configuration page

) before you turn off the

unit, and send the self-test report with the unit.

Remove and retain the print cartridge.


Toner left in the device during shipping can damage the device.

Remove the media input tray and repackage it using the original packaging materials, if
possible. See

To remove the media input tray

for instructions.

Include the completed copy of the service information form below. Note on the form which
items were returned.

Use the original shipping container and packaging materials, if possible.

Include samples that illustrate the problems you are having, if applicable.

Include five sheets of the paper or other media that are causing trouble in printing,
scanning, faxing, or copying. Seal the paper or media in an airtight bag.


Appendix E Service and support


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To remove the media input tray


You might need to remove the media input tray to return the device. Use the following
instructions to remove the media input tray without damaging the device.

1. Open the media input tray and remove any media.

2. Slide the media guides inward as far as they will go. Press and hold down the tabs inside

the media input tray, and slide the media input tray out of the device.


Obtaining hardware service