HP LaserJet 3030 All in One Printer - Understanding scanning methods

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Understanding scanning methods

You can scan an item in the following ways.

Scan from the device: Start scanning directly from the device by using the device
control panel scan buttons. The



button can be programmed to scan to a folder

(Windows only) or to scan to e-mail. For more information, see

Scanning from the device

control panel (Windows)


Scan from hp LaserJet Scan software (Windows): Press



on the device

control panel to start the HP LaserJet Scan software. Pressing



to start the HP

LaserJet Scan software is not supported when the device is connected to a network.
(Direct-connect only.) You can also start the HP LaserJet Scan software directly from the
computer. See

Scanning by using hp LaserJet Scan software (Windows)


Scan from hp Director (Macintosh): Insert an original into the automatic document
feeder (ADF) input tray to open the HP Director window. You can also start the HP
Director by clicking the Dock alias (Macintosh OS X only) or desktop alias on the
computer desktop. See

Scanning from the device and hp Director (Macintosh)


Scan from TWAIN-compliant or WIA-compliant software: The device is TWAIN-
compliant and WIA-compliant and works with Windows-based and Macintosh-based
programs that support TWAIN-compliant or WIA-compliant scanning devices. The device
scanning software is also TWAIN-compliant and WIA-compliant. For more information, see

Scanning by using TWAIN-compliant and WIA-compliant software



To learn about and use optical character recognition (OCR) software, install the Readiris
program from the software CD-ROM.


Chapter 5 Scanning