HP LaserJet 3030 All in One Printer - Scanning to a file

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Scanning to a file

1. Load the originals that are to be scanned face-up in the automatic document feeder (ADF)

input tray. Adjust the media guides to hold the originals in place.


Lift the flatbed scanner lid and load the original that is to be scanned face-down on the
flatbed scanner with the top, left corner of the document at the lower-right corner of the
glass. Gently close the lid.

2. On the computer, click Start, select Hewlett-Packard, select hp LaserJet 3030 or hp

LaserJet 3020, and then select Scan.





on the device. HP LaserJet Scan software opens on the computer.




to start the HP LaserJet Scan software is not supported when the

device is connected to a network. (Direct-connect only.)

3. In the HP LaserJet Scan dialog box, select Send it to a file.

4. Click Settings.

5. Set the scanning options that you want, and then click OK to return to the HP LaserJet

Scan dialog box.


You can save the settings using the Quick Sets option on the General tab. If you then select
the check box after saving the Quick Set, the saved settings will be the default settings the
next time you scan to e-mail.

6. Click Scan. If prompted, enter a file name.


The options that you set in step 5 are for the current job only, unless you save them as a
Quick Set.