HP LaserJet 3030 All in One Printer - Stopping or canceling a print job

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Stopping or canceling a print job

If your print job is currently printing, you can cancel it by pressing


on the device control





clears the job that the device is currently processing. If more than one

process is running (for example, the device is printing a document while receiving a fax),


clears the process that currently appears on the device control panel.

You can also cancel a print job from a software program or a print queue.

To stop the print job immediately, remove the remaining print media from the device. After
printing stops, use one of the following options:

Device control panel: To cancel the print job, press and release


on the device

control panel.

Software program: Typically, a dialog box appears briefly on the computer screen,
allowing you to cancel the print job.

Windows print queue: If a print job is waiting in a print queue (computer memory) or
print spooler, delete the job there. Go to the Printer screen in Windows 98, Windows Me,
Windows 2000, and Windows XP. Click Start, Settings, and Printers. Double-click the
device icon to open the window, select your print job, and then click Delete.

Desktop print queue (Macintosh): Open the print queue by double-clicking the device
icon in the Finder. Then highlight the print job and click Trash.


Stopping or canceling a print job