HP LaserJet 3030 All in One Printer - Automatic document feeder (ADF) specifications

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Automatic document feeder (ADF) specifications

Input capacity: The ADF holds up to 50 sheets of flat, 60 to 90 g/m


(16 to 24 lb),

copier-grade paper.

Media size: Use copier-grade paper that is within the following size ranges only:

Minimum: 127 by 127 mm (5 by 5 inches)

Maximum: 215.9 by 381 mm (8.5 by 15 inches)


Use the flatbed scanner for faxing (HP LaserJet 3030 all-in-one only), copying, and scanning
if the media is fragile, thin, or thick. The flatbed scanner provides the best fax, copy, and scan
quality. The ADF is recommended for paper faxing, copying, and scanning.


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