HP LaserJet 3030 All in One Printer - Using the hp toolbox (Windows)

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Using the hp toolbox (Windows)

The HP toolbox is a Web application that you can use for the following tasks.


The HP LaserJet 3020 all-in-one does not include faxing capabilities.

Monitor the device status.

View and configure the device settings for print, fax, copy, and scan.

View troubleshooting and "How do I" information.

View online documentation.

Provide access to fax and scan software capabilities.

View alerts about a particular event or condition on the device.

You can view the HP toolbox when the device is directly connected to a computer, or when the
device is connected to a network. You must have performed a complete software installation
to use the HP toolbox.


You do not need Internet access to open and use the HP toolbox. However, if you click a link
in the Other Links area, you must have Internet access to go to the site associated with the
link. For more information, see

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